Sunday, April 1, 2012

It's the most wonderful time of the year!

So this week March said farewell with gifting us 3 tests that weren't nearly the nightmare I had imagined. We talked about patients prone to falling and finished our vestibular unit and even got to stop and smell the 300,000 tulips Rockhurst planted on campus that bloomed. I have added in a few of the pictures I took on campus of them. They are beautiful and a wonderful way to welcome spring on campus after spending way to much time inside the last few months!

The Science Center
Friday brought a few adventures for me and some of my classmates. First off was getting our certification renewed for CPR for our clinical affiliations. Then me and 15 classmates participated in doing a trial run of the OSKEY exam that is used for medical and even dental students in their education. Of course ours was the physical therapy edition :) Our professor was looking at the use of iPads verses paper for grading and to see if it is something the program can use as means of testing in the near future. My benefit? Getting practice with 2 standardized patients and getting feedback from actual clinicians all without the worry of failing a practical. So it was great to have some feedback before rotations!

Running in Loose Park
I was also blessed to be able to go run in Loose Park on one of the gorgeous days this week. Loose park is literally a mere mile walk from campus and is a beautiful place to run, Play Frisbee, study, or read a book. It has been one of my favorite places ever since I first came to Rockhurst when I was a freshman. Sadly my Flat Rock E. Hawk wasn't able to come along for the ride.

Between cleaning out my closet, painting pottery and making Easter cupcakes it was a pretty productive weekend. Now maybe I should get to a bit of studying? Let's be honest, I will probably watch the ACMs and enjoy my favorite country bands.

The Easter Cupcakes I made with the girl I babysit!
By far April is my most favorite month of the year and this go around is no exception. With Easter, my titanic themed birthday, habitat for humanity, the wonderful weather, and then some all packed into the next four weeks needless to say I am going to be busy but very excited!  But most importantly Thrusday I get to go home for my favorite holiday and to see my family!

Hope you enjoyed this beautiful day!

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