Sunday, April 29, 2012

Rainbow Brite week

So in the attempt to be an optimistic person I have taken what is usually called an "H-E-double hockey sticks" well and renamed it Rainbow Brite week.  I am crazy OCD and organized when it comes to my planner and so every class assignment/test date is highlighted in a different color...this week I am blessed to have every color of the rainbow?!

But with the light at the tunnel slowly getting bigger the end is in sight!  Which means that this weekend was filled with hours upon hours of pouring over musculo notes and babysitting and the realization that I have to start saying good-bye is getting bigger and bigger.

I missed the bullet on having to say good-bye to many people when I graduated from undergrad in 2010 because I stayed here for Graduate school.  There were a few people who left for other schools or jobs but I was fortunate that my big chunk of friends stayed here in Kansas City.  So it is making it CRAZY hard to start saying good-bye to those friends I have had as a blanket on top of the kids I have babysat for the past 4 years. 

Now I know this sounds melo-dramatic considering I will be able to come visit some in the fall and I am coming back in January for 4 months to finish up my degree but even have something that is of that much comfort go away is going to be a little unsettling.  It doesn't mean I am not excited for rotations because am incredibly excited about those opportunities and they are going to be worth it!

The best part about this week ending is Emily and I get to have dinner with one of our old roommates and catch up!  (oh, and I guess finishing all these tests will be another plus).

I also caved in a bought a sweet/nerdy application for my phone that is the "PT Question of the day" where is sends you a board-like clinical question that you can answer and then get justifications on why the answer is right/wrong!  Hopefully it will pay off next year!

Until then have a wonderful week! 

The adorable puppy I will get to hang out with during my summer rotations!

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