Monday, April 23, 2012

PT school: turning us into moms one outfit at a time

Linds and I at the Royals game last week

So now that we have reached the home stretch of classes, my motivation has taken a trip straight out of town.  Here is how the rest of our semester breaks down:
  • 1.5 weeks of classes and practicals
  • 5 days of finals
  • followed by the 4 hours comprehensive.....
  • and then 2 more attempts if you don't pass the first time, because taking it the first time is so much fun!?

There are so many other things my mind thinks it needs to do like packing, cleaning, running, playing scramble with friends for hours at a time, and shopping. Today Jessica and I successful purchased more cardigans so we successfully like like moms on the know, khakis, tennis shoes, and cardis.  We are very stylish :).

On a surreal note I was looking at my coursework and noticed that my class numbers are in the 7000s.  What?! When did that happen?!  It wasn't that long ago I was in 1000 level classes and getting stressed about 4 page papers!  Now I am an adult, with almost an adult job, who looks like a mom and thinks that everyone younger than me is a solid 18 years old (or babies).   

But seriously it has been a quick 2 years in PT school.  I can honestly say I did not picture this point in my life even a year ago because it seemed to far away and now it is breathing down my throat.  I am really impatiently waiting for rotations at this point!  What a crazy fun adventure!  But until then I should probably back track a few weeks and finish this semester!

Dog sitting Zoe...the perfect and adorable distraction to all things school

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