Sunday, April 8, 2012

Happy Easter!

At this late hour and a few days of many miles of driving, catchy and creative blog titles are not easy to come by!  So this week in school we learned taping techniques of the lower extremity.  Taping is a way to help re-align muscles so they move properly.  As you can see from the picture, you can tell they are very attractive and should be worn to any function where "dress to impress" is suggested.  I also got to be an example for how effective it can be for people who straighten their knee beyond zero....I seriously couldn't push my knee back! Very effective!

Then it was time to drive home for the beloved Easter break, which at Rockhurst is the last few days off of school before the last month of classes and finals.  My aunts and I were able to go and watch my sister and her pole vaulting meet on Saturday before my family drove north to Illinois for the Easter Holiday.  I even got to see my cousin's adorable son...which would be something like first cousin once removed? 

Four month old Josie Wales
Today we spent the day with my relatives that live in Illinois and got to spoil the newest addition to the family, my Uncles new puppy Outlaw Josie Wales (he names all of his hunting dogs after western bandits and cowboys. Her momma is named Jessie James)!  We also got our ceramic painted Easter Egg, my most favorite tradition of all time.  Every year my mom paints us an egg and it is an amazing tradition that I adore and am so grateful for! 
Titanic Birthday Cake

My sister (with assistance from my cousin and mom) made me my birthday cake!  For reasons you will learn next week my birthday this year is Titanic themed, so they of course made me a fantastic and fabulous Titanic cake.  It was as delicious as it looked!

Time to drive back to Kansas City tomorrow and get back to the books for the final weeks of class.  Of course I have not begun to start studying for the comprehensive exam...maybe tomorrow?! :)
My gorgeous family!
My Easter Eggs that my mom has painted over the years!

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