Thursday, April 12, 2012

Let's take a ride in the Cash Cart

So today my infinite and vast amount of useless trivia finally paid off.  As my classmates and I were walking to musculo the Cash Cart approached us (yes if you are thinking "like cash cab but in a golf cart?" you would be correct).  So Allie and I rode around campus on this cart and answered Rockhurst, pop culture and history trivia.  Basically by the end of the ride our awesomeness was solidified...which includes our amazing guessing skills at time. And the best part was we won dinosaur tattoos and a gift card to Yogurtini!  Whoop whoop!  SAB (student activities board) was doing some promoting of an even they have tomorrow and it ended up being a great laugh.  Some questions we answered:

  • Rockhurst Undergrad population?  A: 1500
  • Disney Darling who just had a baby? A: Hilary Duff (don't mess with the Lizzie McGuire kids of 2002)
  • First country to recognize Mexico's Independence day? A: USA
  • President who said "ballots are more powerful than bullets"? A: Abraham Lincoln (we used our shout out, who was one of our professors, she didn't know but our guess was right!)
In more sobering news, today we learning that one of our professors is leaving the program to go help start a new PT program in Kentucky.  While we wish him nothing but the best and know he will do great things for that school, we are really going to miss him!  I was fortunate to have Don as a professor in undergrad and I give him a lot of credit for helping me solidify my choice to come to RU.  His teaching method was awesome and I knew that if the other teachers were anything like him I would get a great education.  So to the lucky ducks who get to have him as a professor, get excited cause we are really bummed that our future students won't get to!

We also went to Trails West State School today to work with children who have severe mental and physical disabilities.  My group got to meet a really sweet boy and work with him some on standing and muscle tone.  It was a very humbling experience and I respect those teachers and therapists so much for the work they do!

This weekend is my Titanic birthday celebration and I am so stinkin' excited!  More to come on Sunday! ....and yes, Allie and I will be sporting our awesome dinosaur tattoos when we venture out on Saturday!

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