Sunday, January 29, 2012

Fine dining and diving

My sister about to dive
Back and not at all ready for another week! It is Sunday morning and my laundry list is crazy long, I guess that's what I get for spending Friday and Saturday in Springfield.  But is was so worth it!  Watching my sister dive (and swim a little) was awesome; she did so great! I was so glad I got to see her compete before state in a couple of weeks!

The Osceola Cheese Mouse in front of the store

I also got to visit one of my favorite stores...the Osceola Cheese store.  It is to DIE for.  Over 200 kinds of cheeses that you can sample and then of course by your waist line's better judgement buy.  Every time I drive down to meet my family on Tablerock lake in the summer or even drive by Osceola Cheese I am compelled to stop.  I am addicted!  And to top it off, I got my sister and I cute Osceola Cheese sweatshirts.  Fantastic moment! In fact, I am sporting it right now! haha

Cake Pops  drying in the stand my dad made for me over

To add to the healthy diet of speciality cheese and panera bagels this weekend, I also made Cake Pops with one of the girls I babysit.  While they are utterly delicious without my sisters cakepop maker it is a seriously labor intensive project! 

On the docket today?  Interviewing my friend for a project, attempting to read a bunch of school stuff and finish a few assignments, and most importantly watching "Once Upon a Time".  It is a great show to start the week off with and a perfect excuse to avoid homework for another hour.  It will also be an early bedtime today because in my head I slightly resemble a zombie. 

Have a blessed Sunday!

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