Sunday, May 6, 2012

One of Many Goodbyes

The campsite for the next week!
So this is officially my last blog for Rockhurst, which means this is my last blog period.  First off, CONGRATS to all graduates that get their diplomas on Saturday! 

This week holds a test, my comprehensive and then my class's white coat ceremony!  (if time permits I will post pics this weekend from the ceremony)  It is a little exciting simply because it is a tangible reward for the 2 hardest years of school in my life and because it marks the beginning of my final year and my great and rewarding experience with rotations that starts in a few short weeks!

It also means I must start packing....dun dun dunnnnnnn.  Being the organized person I am, this means packing takes three times as long.  Thankfully Marina has offered to come help next week!

I am on a slight pre-euphoric high with all the fun things coming up, which is helping me get through the 6-8 hours study sessions everyday in preparation for Thrust.  Thank goodness I get a short stint with my parents Friday!

So to all of you who are considering Rockhurst: Come check out our campus and get to know it!  Rockhurst is a great place to be and I have loved my 6 years here, the 4 in undergrad and the 2 in physical therapy school! 

To all of you who are already here: have a great and safe summer! 

To all of you who are graduating and putting on your big kid pants: good luck and find all the little blessings!

To anyone else: happy Sunday!
A HUGE thank you to my mom and her amazing Final weeks care package!
Rainbow Themed for a stormy week!