Sunday, March 25, 2012

Flat Stanley, meet Rock E. Hawk?

So in the mail yesterday we received an interesting letter from school saying they changed the Hawks name (mascot) to Rock E. Hawk.  Along with this was a punch out of the Hawk and instructions to take him on our daily errands and tasks, take pictures with him and upload them to Rockhurst...similar to the flat Stanley concept used in many elementary schools.  So, in good spirit, I took a pic with my Flat Rock E. Hawk.  We will see if he actually makes it off the refrigerator after this point. :)

This week has been a fun one!  On Thursday me and ten of my friends and classmates stood in line for the midnight showing of the Hunger Games and it was a great time and fantastic movie!  I have been waiting for this movie for over a year and I was beyond excited for its premiere!  I am sure some of my friends temporarily disowned me for the week :)

The campus' infamous tulips have also started to bloom, which after a whole week of clouds and rain is an even more beautiful sight!  Every spring the campus plants hundreds of tulip bulbs ever since I was a freshman in the dark ages, I have loved when they bloom! It is a great start to my most favorite time of the year.

Yesterday the class went to a library in Northern Kansas City and did free health screening for kids ages 7-18.  It was a really great experience and it was nice to be able to reach out into a part of the community that doesn't usually get that kind of information or feedback and help introduce them to healthier lifestyle options.  (and the kids are always super cute!)

Outside of my small run I will be taking later to enjoy this amazing day, my and a majority of my classmates will be studying for the 3 tests we have this week....joyful?  My roommates and I have been dog sitting Zoe, my friends adorable little dog for the weekend and from the pic I took when I was studying yesterday, it seems we have the same views on reading through notes. :)

 Have a blessed week!

Sunday, March 18, 2012

and the rivers ran green

St. Patrick's Day in Westport
Top of the Mornin'!  Since I am slightly Irish and yesterday was the lovely St. Patricks day, it is a pretty appropriate gesture (minus the fact it is afternoon).  So while many of you are probably broken hearted and depressed because of your shattered bracket (my roommates are Mizzou fans so it is a common theme here), I have been spending my weekend babysitting my friend's adorable dog: 5 pound beyond adorable Zoe.  She is the cutest gem of a cuddle bug and we have loved having her this weekend! 

This week also brought a tide of warm and beautiful weather!  While it made the classrooms warm and unbearable it made for a few outsides runs around the lake at Bass Pro Shops perfect and beautiful.  It was amazing to be able to be with my thoughts and music in the sunshine.  We won't mention how I am so pale I was reflecting the sunlight.  And it wasn't all the weather's fault about making it tough to focus in class...the week after spring break is always difficult to focus again.

In the world of school we ran statistics on our research project and we have great news!  Our data showed a significant difference between the different breathing conditions!  It was a huge relief to my group to have some good results from our long hours of data collection!

Yesterday my roommates, friends, and I went and celebrated St. Patrick's day down at Westport, which is a bar and restaurant area of Kansas City.  It is similar to the Plaza or Brookside or Power and Light districts, for those of you who might be familiar with one of those areas.  We enjoyed the sunshine to the point of red shoulders, good laughs and great music!  So today to pamper our tired feet a few of us went and got pedicures!

The best part of this upcoming week is that the Hunger Games is out!  I am a huge fan of my Kindle and therefore a big dork who reads a bunch.  Last year I read the Hunger Games Trilogy and was hooked.  I have since convinced probably a dozen people to the point of annoyance to read them and now we are all going to the midnight premiere on Thursday.  It is going to be divine! If you asked us, you would think that Harry Potter is back or something :)

May the odds ever be in your favor this week! (again, Hunger Games.  I am not at all excited about this haha)
Listening to Neil McCoy in Westport!

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Ain't in no hurry today

Spring Break is officially over and even mother nature is upset.  The rain and springing forward last night for daylight savings time has officially made me drowsy and highly unmotivated to do a few last minute things before school starts back up tomorrow. 

I do plan on actually cooking before I go back to the nights that mostly consist of chicken, salads, grilled cheese, and frozen pizzas.  I also have to pick up my friend from the airport after he spent the weekend in Vegas for our friend's bachelor party.  We can't wait to fly out to New Jersey in June to celebrate his wedding! 

My spring break was pretty fabulous!  While the mornings were usually devoted to something school related, I got to get to gym and spend my evenings with family and friends.  I was able to see my former high school's musical "Fiddler on the Roof", go shooting with my dad/sister/grandpa, and have some delicious dinners.  I spent a large chunk of my invisible money tree on clothes which resulted in having to donate a trash bag full of clothes when I got back to KC.  However, my greatest accomplishment came from buying a nail art pen and polka dotting my nails....can anyone say "winning"?!

But now that we are technically on the "downhill" of the semester (if it is it is going to be incredibly rough and slow moving), there are some fun things to look forward to like my birthday party extravaganza, Easter break, habitat for humanity, white coat ceremony, and the not so fun comprehensive exam.  Believe it or not, all of this (which is about 20 percent of my life) has to happen in TEN WEEKS!  Then it is time to pack up and move onward to rotations!

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Don't Let the Sound of Your Own Wheels Drive you Crazy

All signs point to home sweet home!
Spring Break is finally here! After a stressful week of midterms and practicals it is safe to take a few days to breathe.  The week was mostly spent at school but I got a few quiet moments to step back.  First Emily and I had dinner with our friend Kate, who we lived with for a few years in an OCH.  She is now going to graduate school in Texas and was visiting her boyfriend for a few days.  It was lovely to see her and catch up!

I also got to play with the choir for Taize prayer on Wednesday.  I played for Rockhurst for a few years but my schedule in graduate school started interfering.  So I was very excited to play for St. Marks.  For those of you who don't know Taize prayer is a form of reflection and uses repetition of songs as a form of meditation.  It was wonderful to take a minute and just be quiet.

The storm clouds heading to Kentucky as I was heading home
Friday I finally got to come home!  It is crazy weird and cheesy how much you grow to love your "boring" hometown as you grow up.  There was a lot of serious weather that day in my neck of the woods but thankfully there weren't tornadoes that touched down in our area and I missed the storm when I was driving in.  There was also some snow showers in Kansas City that I missed when leaving in the morning.  I was very thankful to not cross either of those storm's paths!

I have spent the last few days loving the simplicity of life!  I went to the shooting range with dad, Grandpa, and my sister yesterday afternoon and laughed until my stomach hurt last night with my close friends that still live in Cape! 

Chleo and I heading to the gun range with dad and grandpa!
The rest of my spring break is mostly unplanned (outside of going to see my high school's musical, some shopping, and more time with great people) and I am very much looking forward to it!  Have a blessed week!